Recycling. WHY?

Did You know that…?

…the newspaper or magazine You did not even finish to read and threw it away decomposes in our environment in about 2 years?

…plastic bottle of milk, soft drinks or any other drink inside decomposes in around 500 years?

…glass bottles are one of the longest-lasting  materials? It takes over 900 years to decompose in our environment?

Why do we NEED to recycle?

The waste management process does not finish at the point when the garbage truck comes to pick them up. It is much longer and complicated process. There are plenty of wastes which are able to be reborn and to live the second life as the secondary materials. This is the reason we all need to understand that recycling is the KEY process in seeking for cleaner environment. Recycling of waste is also important for the economical issues. Producing products from secondary materials will save raw materials, energy consumption and reduce environment contamination. For example, single ton of secondary material saves approximately 17 trees, 27 000 liters of water and loads of electric power.  Doesn’t it sounds convincing to You?

No more excuses

Remind me how many Earths have we got? Yes, only one so far and therefore would be smarter to take care of it rather than waiting that some more may pop up in the future. Change the way of thinking about recycling. It is not a nonsense and we don’t need to complain that my neighbor doesn’t care why should I? Let everyone start from himself and changes will follow.

I living in Cyprus and therefore i refer mostly to residents as I see situation up here. Be a part of Europe, get recycling bins, don’t throw rubbish in one bin, get more information about that, start carrying! The biggest shock for me is that almost all restaurants, bars and cafes in this area throw thousand of glass and plastic bottles monthly directly into the common rubbish containers. It is more costly for them to recycle not to mention that their staff will not be happy walking 2 extra meters dropping garbage to appropriate container. There is NO GREEN THINKING yet! If we would really be willing to do that we would no matter what. It is not an excuse it is lack of responsible thinking.

It is EASY. Every single home can add just two additional biodegradable bags for rubbish. Don’t worry You do not need to scratch the label out from a bottle or so. The latest recycling technologies are able to cope with that. Recycling is nothing tricky at all. Just get some information.

“Why do I need to recycle? What  will I get from that?”. The feeling You contribute for the preservation of our Planet. Think about the future. Our grandchildren will not have a clean beach to swim in. They will not breathe the same air like we do because of the continuous expansion of the dumps. We need to be responsible. We can not live with the same thinking like Marie Antoinette “After me, the deluge”. We are much more developed. Let’s take it as an issue we can solve and our responsibility we need to do. It is not hard to throw a rubbish not in a one bag as usual but just in a one it suppose to be. Make it comfortable for You and it will become a habit. Advanced people are doing that and it is nothing shameful or time-consuming.

“There are no recycling containers. I don’t know how”, the others say. Well now You will know. You are not sure HOW to recycle? Just type exactly the same question in GOOGLE and they gonna give You plenty of websites with simple explanations. You want to know about particular area where You live in? Just ask in community council when You go to pay Your bills and You should get some useful information what to do and how to take care of Your rubbish. Just don’t be silent – speak, ask, insist and someone will hear You! You know how You just do not want to. And it’s need to be changed.

The finishing word

We are living in a world with a high numbers of waste every single day in every single household. Everything coming in a packages, plastic bags, cans or bottles. You do not need to be a genius to understand that these things doesn’t just evaporate from our environment. It is around us in landfills even when we don’t see them. Open Your eyes and have a look around! We are going to live surrounded by rubbish soon if we will not take an action! Be innovative, be responsible, start to THINK GREEN!


Hello world!

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